Ping Hu PhD

Principal Scientific Engineering Associate LBNL
Work Building 070A, Room 2253

Work Phone: 510 486 5908
Website: Professional Website
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My major research experience spans wide range of areas, including infectious disease, molecular diagnostics, diabetes, informatics and molecular microbiology. We employ microarray, sequencing and related molecular and microbiological technologies to dissect molecular mechanism of biological machinery, design powerful diagnostic tools for biological source tracking, develop new and improved materials and research capacities for biofuel conversion and assess impact of climate changes and ecosystem management to aquatic life.

  • Managed and designed high density microarray genotyping of pathogens to develop novel molecular signature for pathogens.
  • Lead project on whole genome transcriptional analysis of bacterium, understanding the regulation of pathways, enzyme systems and un-translated RNAs that mediate biotransformation of metals, organic pollutants and radionuclides.
  • Seven years experience in bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics analysis and genome-based technologies. Extensive experience with data integration, database development, web data visualization; supporting R&D biologists in areas: diagnostics for cancer detection, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease identification and diabetic therapeutics.
  • Strong programming experience with PERL, JAVA, C/C++. Fluent in UNIX.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; successfully completed numerous collaborative projects; exceptional experience and skills matching biological questions with computational resources
  • Over ten years of broad research experience covering microbiology, biochemistry, microbial physiology, molecular biology and genetics. Extensive experience with large-scale gene expression data analysis tools and algorithms.
  • Co-inventor on seven patents; multiple first author papers and scientific presentations
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