Infrared Micro-spectroscopy: Diffraction-limited chemical imaging

Synchrotron infrared light is 100-1000 times brighter than a conventional blackbody source, enabling non-invasive label-free, chemical identification at a diffraction-limited spatial resolution (2-10 µm) with high signal to noise ratios.

The ALS has 3 infrared beamlines with micro-spectroscopic imaging capabilities available for general users.  The non-ionizing nature of IR light allows imaging of live cells without damage.

SR-FTIR images (~60 μm by 60 μm) showing the distribution of proteins and carbohydrates in an oil “floc” from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Scale bars: 10 μm.
Hazen, et al. Science, 330(6001), 204-208 (2010).