To Speed Discovery, Infrared Microscopy Goes “Off the Grid”

In the journal Communications Biology, researchers from Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Berkeley Lab’s Synchrotron Infrared Structural Biology Imaging Program reported on a more efficient way to collect “high-dimensional” infrared images—where each pixel contains rich physical and chemical information. With the new method, scans that would’ve taken up to 10 hours to complete can now be done in under an hour, potentially broadening the scope of biological spectromicroscopy to time-sensitive experiments.
ALS, LBNL News Credit:

E.A. Holman, Y.S. Fang, L. Chen, M. DeWeese, H.-Y. N. Holman, and P.W. Sternberg, “Autonomous adaptive data acquisition for scanning hyperspectral imaging,” Commun. Biol. 3, 684 (2020), doi:10.1038/s42003-020-01385-3.