Hoi-Ying Holman, PhD | Senior Staff Scientist, LBNL
BSISB Program Director
510-486-5943 | hyholman AT lbl DOT gov

Dr. Hoi-Ying Holman is the Founding Director of the Berkeley Synchrotron Infrared Structural Biology (BSISB) imaging program. She is also a Senior Staff Scientist in the Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging (MBIB) Division of LBNL. Hoi-Ying has dedicated much of her career to the synchrotron infrared radiation (SIR) hyperspectral imaging of biological systems, demonstrating key applications of SIR in microbial ecology, renewal bioenergy, and biomedical imaging. Her work has been recognized by the international R&D 100 Awards for invention of the “Multiplex Chemotyping Microarray (MCM) System and Methods” and the ALS’ David A. Shirley Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement, for “pioneering the study of living cells and their response to environmental stimuli using synchrotron-based FTIR spectro-microscopy.” Hoi-Ying received her Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry & Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Selected publications by Hoi-Ying Holman

Evan R. Williams, PhD | Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
BSISB Lead, Mass Spectrometry 

Peter Zwart, PhD | Computer Staff Scientist, LBNL
BSISB Lead, Software/Workflow 

Kathy Bjornstad | Lab Liaison, LBNL
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Liz Boatman, PhD
Communications Specialist
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Nowzesh Hasan, PhD
Device Physics, Micro- & Nano-fabrications
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Antoine Masson, PhD
Mass Spectrometry, Instrumentation
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Sankar Raju Narayanasamy, PhD
Sample environment | Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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Xiangchao Zhu, PhD
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Hans Bechtel, PhD | Staff Scientist, LBNL
ALS Infrared Lead 

Stephanie Gilbert Corder, PhD | Research Scientist, LBNL
ALS Infrared Scientist

Marcus Noack, PhD | Research Scientist, LBNL
CAMERA Lead, Mathematics for Stochastic Function Approximation

Ron Pandolfi, PhD | Project Scientist, LBNL
CAMERA Systems Engineer

James A. Sethian, PhD | Professor of Mathematics, UC Berkeley
CAMERA Director 

Neslihan Taş Baas, PhD | Research Scientist, LBNL
Climate and Ecosystems Science

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LBNL Staff

Liang Chen, PhD | Research Scientist

Ping Hu, PhD | Principal Scientific Engineering Associate

Michael C. Martin, PhD | Senior Staff Scientist

Rafael Gómez-Sjöberg, PhD | Staff Scientist; BSISB Lead, Microfluidics

Zhao Hao, PhD | Senior Scientific Engineering Associate

Visiting faculty

Michael Cohen, PhD | Sonoma State University

Postdoctoral researchers

Patricia M. Valdespino-Castilo, PhD

Kevin Loutherback, PhD

Antoine Masson, PhD

Arthur Montazeri, PhD 

Mariia Shutova, PhD

Wujun Zhao, PhD

Giovanni Birarda, PhD

Sun A. Choi, PhD

Nina Kamennaya, PhD

Zhang Lin, PhD

Kenji Sasaki, PhD

Jeremy T. O’Brien, PhD

Kristina Woods, PhD

Eleanor Wozei, PhD

Graduate students

Katelyn Dixon | Photonics, University of Toronto

Steven Lee | Physics, UC Berkeley

Matthew J. Ditucci | Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Ahmed H. Dorrah | Electrical and Computer Engineering / Photonics, University of Toronto

Michael Fang | Physics, UC Berkeley

Jennifer Nill | Chemical Engineering, UC Davis

Anna Susa | Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Undergraduate students

Camilo Diaz-Botia | Electrical Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Carlos Duarte-Guevara | Electronics Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Schuyler Kain | Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Darcie Long | Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Allison Nielsen | Integrated Biology, UC Berkeley

Qiyao Yang | Chemistry, UC Berkeley